Signed Books and Collectibles Guides and Policies

Signed Books and Collectibles has been selling been selling autographed sports and entertainment collectibles since 1991. Our goal is to be fair, accurate, and offer wide selections of collectible items at great prices.

  • All users must be 18 to participate.
  • Any listing may be removed without notice at the discretion of Signed Books and Collectibles
  • Nonpayment for items won or purchased can result in suspension or termination from using the Signed Books and Collectibles.
  • Any item not matching the description provided can be returned for a full refund withing 5 days of receiving the item.

The Internet being the fragile environment that it is, Signed Books and Collectibles cannot be held responsible for server down time, or your inability to access our site. Notifications sent by email may take longer than expected, and cannot be counted on to inform you of an item's status. In the event of technical problems, we reserve the right to cancel, end or remove a listing as the circumstances may dictate.